On the anniversary of Rivian's grueling and incredible "Long Way Up" journey, the automaker surprises a producer with an R1T that's much improved. Producer David Alexanian was along for the 13,000-mile journey last year. While has was thoroughly impressed with the prototype Rivian R1T electric pickup trucks, he said there was little margin for error or solutions to potential problems during the journey.

Since then, Rivian has been back to work, getting pre-production R1T trucks ready. As Alexanian is sharing his excitement about the R1T and Rivian as a whole, a few company team members show up with an updated R1T. As you can see, it looks pretty awesome in matte black. It also has notable updates, improved fit and finish, and much more.

For those unaware, Rivian tested two of its early production R1T electric pickup truck prototypes on a very taxing  100-day trip from Patagonia to Los Angeles. The trucks had less range than upcoming production vehicles, as well as few places to charge in some areas. Nonetheless, Rivian pulled the trip off, though not without some struggles, which were to be expected.

Alexanian has been looking forward to news about updates and improvements to the R1T. Since he has first-hand experience filming and driving the truck, he knows what to look for. When the R1T arrives to take him for a drive, he's floored by the progress. Alexanian says the R1T feels so much smoother and more well-put-together than it did over a year ago. He also gets a chance to hop back into the driver's seat to get a feel for the updated electric truck.

The video, like practically all of Rivian's work, speaks for itself. It's short, nice on the eyes, and very informative. Check it out and drop us a line below.

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