Tesla is quickly expanding its Supercharging network in China. The company was celebrating the installation of the 500th station in late November 2020, and now there are 700 stations!

700 stations (with more than 5,000 individual stalls) is a massive improvement of 40% within less than two months.! China now has the world's largest Supercharging station with 72 individual stalls.

The sharp growth of the network tells us two things. The first is that Tesla has huge capabilities of building the fast charging infrastructure fast. The second thing is that the Tesla car sales in China surged and are very promising (otherwise Tesla would not invest in the chargers so heavily).

At probably more than 20,000 EV sales a month, the addition of more than 100 stations a month translates to one new station per 200 new cars sold.

The charging infrastructure is very important in all markets, but in China, it's a high priority, due to the low share of individuals with a dedicated charging place (compared to Europe or the U.S.).


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