BYD recently started deliveries of 470 all-electric buses to Bogota, Colombia, which will have one of the largest EV bus fleets in the Americas.

The first batch of 120 buses (12-meter and 9-meter models, with a passenger capacity of 80 and 50 people respectively) was delivered on December 17 and the remaining 350 vehicles will be delivered by the end of the first quarter of 2021.

According to BYD, the buses will serve almost 40 routes and over 300,000 commuters across the capital of Colombia.

BYD Delivers Largest Pure Electric Bus Fleet in Colombia
BYD Delivers Largest Pure Electric Bus Fleet in Colombia

The ordered buses have a cruising range of over 300 km (186 miles) on a single charge, which should be enough to handle the daily needs (usually 260 km/162 miles).

The fleet will use several large charging stations - the first one, with 56 double 150 kW chargers, was launched in the Fontibon district of Bogota. Three other stations will be open soon.

In 2020, BYD delivered hundreds of electric buses to Chile, which means that South America is, in terms of volume, ahead of North America.

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