Tesla has been testing prototypes of its Class 8 Semi truck as part of its existing fleet of diesel delivery trucks over the past few months. Now Semis are apparently not delivering cars any more, at least for the time being, but one was recently spotted at Tesla’s Fremont factory slogging it out with conventional trucks, pulling cargo like the rest of them.

The Semi was spotted by Gabeincal during one of his usual drone flyovers of the Fremont facility. We’re not sure what it was pulling on its trailer, but it’s certainly hauling something, doing its part to keep the controlled chaos that is this plant going - it’s through drone shots like theses that we really get to see how chaotic these factory grounds look. In contrast, Tesla’s newer factories are far cleaner and more organized looking.

If you want to see the Semi doing its thing, you will be able to see it starting at 5 minutes and 20 seconds. It is red and appears in the upper left part of the shot and the camera follows its progress alongside regular trucks pulling enclosed box trailers.

It’s been over 3 years since we first saw the Tesla Semi, and we still don’t exactly know when the orders placed for it will be fulfilled. Several companies have expressed interest and some have even placed deposits, and with the latest delay, deliveries of production Semis are now expected to commence sometime in 2021.

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