Although the GMC Hummer EV has the mission to put GM in the future competition among electric pickup trucks, it will do so in a nostalgic way. Apart from bringing back to life the Hummer badges, it almost resurrected something the Chevy Avalanche had: the midgate. According to John Mack, manager of the Hummer EV exterior design, General Motors eventually decided a drop glass in the back would be a better solution.

2022 GMC Hummer EV Sketches

Mack talked to Muscle Cars And Trucks about that and said the package layout eventually made the company give up the midgate. It would be a solution to increase the bed length to more than five feet when necessary to carry longer items. The drop glass may help achieve that by allowing stuff to invade the cabin, even if not in the same way a midgate would.

As Muscle Cars And Trucks informs, most electric pickup trucks will have five-foot beds, such as the Rivian R1T and the Nikola Badger. The Tesla Cybertruck will have a 6.5-foot bed, and the champion regarding that will be the Bollinger B2, with an 8.2-foot bed.

This new bed size standard would be because most pickup trucks nowadays come with crew cabs. The Bollinger B2 is an exception because it needs a bed that big to belong to Class 3 trucks and avoid some safety and homologation demands.

The midgate would probably make the Hummer EV much more prone to work, but it is doubtful that a pickup truck that starts at $80,000 will ever be used in construction sites. General Motors knows it will be more of a leisure vehicle, able to take its owners through off-road tracks. They may eventually carry larger stuff, but that is far from the Hummer EV's main purpose. 

Source: Muscle Cars And Trucks

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