Proterra, the well known electric bus manufacturer, presents its latest fast charging solutions for full fleet electrification for commercial vehicles.

The portfolio, developed in partnership with Power Electronics, includes DC chargers from 75 kW to 1.5 MW, which can be combined with multiple CCS1 dispensers as well as with overhead (roof) charging systems.

The biggest 1.5 MW unit supports simultaneous charging with 20 dispensers (20 vehicles charging at once), while optionally up to 40 can be charged sequentially.

Proterra EV charging solutions
Proterra EV charging solutions - 1.5 MW charger

The smaller units (75 kW, 150 kW, 250 kW and 500 kW) also can be used to charge multiple dispensers/vehicles at once. In the case of the 500 kW charger, it's up to six simultaneously and up to 12 sequentially.

Those kind of solutions are really an outstanding approach, as it minimizes the required charging capacity, which can be shared between vehicles, as well as increases flexibility.

Proterra said that on top of that, the chargers are actually bidirectional and allow for implementing V2G systems.

"The new chargers are available as both overhead and plug-in options, offering greater flexibility and optionality for customers. In addition, the systems feature bi-directional power flow that enables chargers to be smart-grid ready for vehicle-to-grid applications. All Proterra systems can incorporate multi-dispensers which can reduce the overall space, cost, and aggregate power levels needed by a fleet yard."

Proterra EV charging solutions
Proterra EV charging solutions
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