If it all works out as planned, people may have their choice between two GM-built electric pickup trucks in the future. One, the GMC Hummer EV, a very large, capable, and expensive beast. The other, the Nikola Badger, still reportedly capable, but much smaller and likely much more affordable.

The situation surrounding GM's potential partnership with Nikola to build its electric pickup truck is messy, but it seems there's still hope. We've covered it all at InsideEVs, so if you're not up to speed, you can read all about the situation heading up until now, as well as where it currently stands. 

However, today could mark an important turning point. After GM made big news last week with its Factory ZERO announcement, and this week, with the Hummer EV reveal, the topic of the Nikola Badger is back in the news as well. In fact, Nikola's stock price has spiked after GM President Mark Reuss confirmed that the automaker continues “to work the opportunity.” He also said he still sees the potential partnership as a great opportunity. Diess told CNBC's Squawk Box:

“The opportunity to put our fuel cells into a class 7 and 8 vehicle is spectacular. We know there’s great operational cost advantages there, there’s great efficiencies and there’s great opportunities.”

Nikola shares surged some 12 percent in premarket trading this morning as a result of Reuss' comments, not to mention excitement over GM in general related to the Hummer EV reveal. At the time of writing, shares are still up 11 percent. However, the stock price is nowhere near where it was some time ago.

Interestingly, GM's stock was only up about 2 percent in premarket trading, and the share price is currently down a bit less than 1 percent.

If GM can proceed with a deal to build the Nikola Badger, do you think it's a good idea? The companies have until December 3, 2020, to come to a final decision. What are the chances EV shoppers will have two compelling GM-built electric pickup truck choices in the near future? As always, we love to read your comments. Drop us a line below.

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