We've asked many times if the Tesla Model Y is the most efficient SUV ever built. Of course, many people answered by telling us that the Model Y isn't an SUV. So, let's ask, is the Model Y the most efficient crossover on the market?

It matters not what we or anyone calls the Model Y. The market is packed with crossovers, tall hatches, and wagons that are called SUVs. The point here is the Model Y is a larger, more versatile version of the Tesla Model 3 sedan. It's designed to compete with smaller crossovers and SUVs. Despite its larger size, it has proven more efficient than the Model 3 in real-world winter testing.

We would have guessed that the Model Y would be more efficient than its smaller sibling in the winter due to its standard heat pump. Not only is the Model Y that only Tesla to ever come standard with a heat pump, but it's also the only one to date to offer a heat pump at all.

Tesla tested the Model Y in Alaska, as it does all of its vehicles, but we have few reports of winter and cold-weather driving in the Tesla crossover. This is because it came to market in March, so few areas in the U.S. have had true winter weather and extreme temps since then. However, recently, Tesla Model Y Long Range owner and Twitter user KK Tesla Model Y (@kkvr2823) tested the Model Y in Calgary in cold temps.


There is a whole thread on Twitter related to the test, the details, and the results. We've embedded most of it above. Despite the Model 3's smaller size and better aerodynamics, the Model Y proves more efficient in the cold temps. It's also important to note that the comparison pits a Model 3 Standard Range Plus (RWD) against and a Model 3 Long Range (AWD).

According to Drive Tesla Canada, the Model Y had an overall efficiency of 66 percent based on TeslaFi data. This is 2 percent better than the Model 3 Long Range and 4 percent better than the Model 3 Standard Range Plus.

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