Portuguese company i-charging (launched in 2019) announced this month a new range of fast chargers (50-600 kW and up to 1,000 V) under the blueberry name.

It's difficult to differentiate on the charging market. In the case of i-charging, the concept is to offer scalable power output, with patented dynamicblue technology, which allows sequential and simultaneous charging of EVs connected to the station (the number of outputs is basically unlimited).

Other features of the blueberry are a 32-inch screen and a new, patented cable management system, "that easily expands and retracts as needed". The cable length is 4.7 m.

"BlueberryTM chargers come equipped with a 32-inch screen that allows intuitive interaction, revolutionizing the user experience. In addition to the charging information, the large touch screen allows to have promotional videos or any other multimedia content."

At first, the i-charging blueberry will be available in Europe (in three configurations blueberry, blueberry PLUS and blueberry CLUSTER):


As early as 2021, the blueberry to be available also in the American market.


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