By the way of releasing third-quarter results, and opening the largest fast charging station in Germany, Fastned has shown also an interesting side about scaling up the business.

The company has ambitions to expand its network beyond 1,000 stations at some point in the future.

As of the end of Q3, it was 123 stations, mostly in the Netherlands (100+) but the company is expanding in Germany and recently started new investments in Switzerland and in Belgium. There are also a few clustered stations in the UK.

Together with the expanding EV market, Fastned will not only increase the number of stations and their geographical density but also increase the power output of individual chargers (up to 350 kw), as well as add more chargers per site (including retrofitting existing stations).

It's a three-dimensional expansion:

Fastned is able to scale on 3 axes to cater for strong EV growth

Of course, other networks, like Tesla Supercharers, IONITY, EVgo and Electrify America, are progressing similarly.

The higher the power and number of individual chargers, the more business models start to remind us of conventional refueling stations and it's actually the only way to make it economically viable.

On top of that, the big stations will get also additional elements (and potential revenue streams) like coffee shops, car washes, and other things.

Scaling-up in practice can be seen in the example of the latest station in Germany with eight Fastned chargers (and 20 Tesla Superchargers), with an option to add 14 more.


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