Fastned just showed its new fast-charging station, at the Ladepark Kreuz Hilden hub (between the motorways A3 and A46, close to Düsseldorf) in Germany, which combines also Tesla Superchargers.

The company has installed eight 300 kW fast chargers, while the number of Tesla Superchargers deployed at the site is 20 (250 kW V3 we assume). In total there are 28 individual stalls and that's reportedly the biggest fast charging hub in the country.

The total installed capacity is probably close to 7 MW, but it can be further expanded. Fastned alone has space to add 14 more chargers (up to 22 total).

Here is the site (partially still under construction) as of a week ago:

The cool thing about the hub is that it has a roof (solar by the way), lights, benches and a cafe shop.

This is probably the way to go for EV charging infrastructure, as we really need high-power chargers along the highways, that would be reliable, safe, with all the necessary stuff around.

The bigger the station is, it actually also improves its economy (per charging unit).

Official launch on October 8, 2020:


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