Our good friends over at All Electric Family finally set out on a Tesla Model X road trip without towing their camper. In fact, this is really the first time we've seen their Model X when it isn't towing anything. They've gone to great lengths to inform us about how well (or not) their Tesla has treated them when it comes to towing, but what's the all-electric crossover like when it's not pulling all that weight?

All Electric Family sets out on a road trip with their kids and their dog to attend a family reunion in Branson, MO, which is about 400 miles (6 or 7 hours or so) from their home in Lincoln, NE. They're excited to charge at a V3 Supercharger to see how quickly the Model X juices up. In addition, they provide charts with driving specs, as well as home-charging specs and information about charging at a regular Supercharger and at a ChargePoint station. 

As some of you may know, earlier this year, we discovered a family with a YouTube channel about traveling and camping. The only reason we stumbled upon them was that they had just bought a Tesla Model X. Previously, the family spent much of their time towing a larger travel trailer with a gas-powered pickup truck. They decided to downsize the camper, buy a Model X, and switch to being an "All Electric Family."

This was rather interesting to us since we knew they'd have trouble towing a heavy load with the Model X without dealing with range anxiety. They certainly had to adjust, as their travels went from hours to days, but they never really complained. What we haven't yet learned from this family is how their Model X is treating them as a regular car, when they're not towing something. Now, we have all the details.

Hopefully, with winter setting in, we'll get more info from the family about how the weather impacts range and charging. How about some winter camping? It would be interesting to learn how the Model X does towing the camper in frigid temps. We'll have to reach out to them and ask them to run some tests for us.

In the meantime, check out the video for all the details. Then, leave us a personal EV road trip story in the comment section below.

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