GAC (short for Guangzhou Automobile Group Co.) is a Chinese automaker that sells cars under various sub-brands (including the Aion EV sub-brand) for the local market. It is the sixth largest automaker in China by number of vehicles sold (that range from city cars to trucks and buses) and now it wants to dabble in electric sports cars too.

The company just unveiled the pure-electric GAC Enpulse roadster concept, at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show. It is built atop the company’s proprietary platform that was designed specifically for electric vehicles, but as of right now we don’t have any tech specs to share other than the fact that it has two electric motors motivating it.

Gallery: GAC Enpulse electric roadster concept

Even though it is a Chinese sports car unveiled at a Chinese motor show, it’s not actually designed in the People’s Republic. According to the automaker, the Enpulse was actually penned at the GAC Advanced Design facility in Los Angeles.

And since we don’t have any facts and figures about power and performance, we can take a closer look at the way it looks. It’s really a very modern and of-the-times looking vehicle - the slim headlight clusters have laser tech, while the tail lights not only go around the rear of the car, but also down the middle where you would expect to see the engine in a mid-engined supercar.

The body looks quite sporty and sculptural and it looks like the car comes with a removable targa top. Inside, the designers went for minimalism, but they did go bold on the colors - the seats are trimmed in yellow fabric and they are complimented by pink details (even the seatbelts are pink).

The Enpulse is not a far-fetched concept that could never see the end of a production line. According to the manufacturer, it would be theoretically possible to put it into production, especially since it’s based on an already existing chassis architecture - no actual production plans have been announced, though; this would make for an interesting Tesla Roadster rival, if it had comparable power, wouldn’t it?

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