Future clients of electric pickup trucks will take no time to demand fast-charging stations that allow them not to detach trailers. We talked about this when we showed you Rivian’s video of hot weather testing while towing 11,000 lb. The first company to offer that will have a tremendous competitive advantage, and it seems it will not be Tesla. The company’s first supercharging spots are just larger than conventional ones. 

That is what the TMC Forums user RubberToe discovered and shared in a thread there. According to his findings, the first Supercharging station to have spots that can deal with Cybertrucks will be in Pasadena. To be more precise, it will be at the Broadway Power Plant Parking Lot, which users can enter at 61, East Glenarm Street, as you can see below.

The municipal parking lot is right beside Arroyo Seco Parkway, the first freeway built in the US, which gives it a special aura. Pasadena will grant Tesla the right to establish there 20 supercharging stations. The place will be known as Arroyo Parkway Charging Depot, according to Pasadena’s documents RubberToe shared on the TMC Forums thread. Have a look at the area from above.

RubberToe even managed to get the construction plans for the new Supercharging station, making an image to show where the charging spots will be located. You can see it in the main picture in this article or at the TMC Forums thread itself.

If we understood it correctly, the Charging Depot would have charging spots both for Tesla vehicles and for other EVs. It has 37 parking places, of which 20 are reserved for Superchargers, and 6 for Cybertrucks. It is not clear which spots are assigned for the electric pickup truck, but RubberToe made his guess in the image. The other 17 fast chargers will be 50 kW DCFC units run by the city of Pasadena.

According to the plans, these new chargers will be ready to use by June 2, 2021, still before deliveries of the Cybertruck, which are scheduled for “late 2021.” Considering how fast Giga Austin is moving, we may see the Cybertruck before that, hopefully with supercharging stations that allow it to get juice without detaching.

Source: TMC Forums via Teslarati

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