Elon Musk promised the 4680 cells would make a $25,000 Tesla car possible in three years. Ironically, Sandy Munro may help do that with 2170 cells much earlier than that. Although the vehicle will be a Malcolm Bricklin creation, it may have Tesla parts, making it a Tesla in some respects. After Munro told the world he was discussing to help develop such a car, we tried to discover what that car was. Everything points to the Visionary 3EV.

The 3EV is the only product on the page of Visionary Vehicles Inc., the car company Malcolm Bricklin wants to give life to. Since Munro talked about "products," it would not be strange if the company was planning to add other models to the list.

Bricklin 3EV: This Is The $25,000 EV Sandy Munro May Help Create With Tesla Parts

Relating to the 3EV, the page does not reveal many technical details, possibly because they may change drastically after Munro gets involved. For what the pictures show, it is an urban three-wheeler with scissor doors and in-hub motors, something that will probably change if Tesla agrees to supply components to it: we have never heard of in-hub motors from Tesla.

The scissor doors are flashy, but they make sense from the perspective of city driving, often with tight parking spaces. Getting in and out of the 3EV will probably be an easy task in such conditions.

Bricklin 3EV: This Is The $25,000 EV Sandy Munro May Help Create With Tesla Parts

Although the video above promises it will cost $25,000, Visionary Vehicles' page mentions a slightly higher price tag: $25,980. The company also promises it will be luxurious, with "superb workmanship," and "state-of-the-art technology."

Bricklin 3EV: This Is The $25,000 EV Sandy Munro May Help Create With Tesla Parts

When we check the pictures, we can see the Nobe 100GT has a shorter wheelbase and that occupants seat higher, while the EV3 is a sportier vehicle, with passenger and driver seating really low.

Although their only similarity is having three wheels, we can imagine a single body structure for both. Different body panels and a longer wheelbase could put them apart, a strategy that may be reinforced by the most intriguing piece of information at the Visionary Vehicles' page.

The company states that the exterior design of the 3EV will change after "every 25,000 units, to enhance the used car value." That will only be economically feasible if the car presents plastic body panels, such as the Bricklin SV-1.

We'll try to learn more details from the company and Malcolm Bricklin himself. Hopefully, we will be able to bring you more news about this new EV and Munro's role in its development as soon as possible. If there is anyone that can make it work, they are certainly Munro and his team.

Source: Visionary Vehicles

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