Would you buy an urban EV with Tesla hardware? We are not talking about the Tesla Announces Plan For $25,000 Car Within 3 Years but rather a Bricklin. Yes, you read that right: Sandy Munro revealed at Autoline that he might help Malcolm Bricklin develop a new small electric car with Tesla motors and batteries. The engineer also plans to put these parts on the Nobe 100GT, a nostalgic EV he is aiding develop, as we already told InsideEVs readers.

Unfortunately, Munro did not reveal many details on the new Bricklin car. If you are not familiar with Malcolm Bricklin, he is the businessman that brought both Subaru and Yugo to the US. He also tried to create his own car company with the SV-1, but it did not work well.

1975 Bricklin SV-1 eBay

The video above shows it is not sure Munro will help develop this new EV, but we would count on that. The engineer would not talk about the future new client if conversations were not promising. It could even get in the way of a promising deal.

The reasons for Munro’s choice are many. The most important one seems to be that Munro trusts Tesla’s hardware more than anyone else’s. According to him, they have already proven to be very reliable. The other reason is that no one is willing to work with these companies Munro is trying to help – which can be a good thing, according to the engineer.

“I don’t want to try and produce a vehicle that’s sourcing from who knows where. I want to have something that is going to be built in America. So, with the Nobe and perhaps the advent of the products that are coming out of Bricklin, that Malcolm wants to make, I want to use something that’s got millions and millions of miles on them, like Tesla’s got already. They’ve already proven their electric motors, and their AC systems, and everything else seems to work really, really well. I want to have batteries that look like this (the 2170 cells).”

Munro said he would call California right after finishing the program to try to convince Tesla to help him with these new electric vehicles. He was optimistic because they are cars Tesla may never want to make.

“I think these little cars are something they don’t build and we need to have. The urban areas have been pretty much neglected. I think that there’s a market there that’s huge. Anybody that’s gone down a slow way – because you can’t call it a highway… If we could put an extra two lanes for cars that are a little bit smaller than what we drive around using Tesla’s technology, I’ll take that all day long.”

Would you buy a Bricklin with Tesla gear? What about a Nobe 100GT? We will try to learn more about Bricklin’s new attempt to make a car and bring the information to you as soon as possible.

Source: Autoline Network 

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