Another day, another teaser of the Volkswagen ID.4, this time it's all about the lights, which happens to be all-LED as standard and quite fancy.

Through the new design of large headlights, the manufacturer intended to lend it a friendly look. In the rear, there are LED clusters plus a red light strip from left to right. Additionally, the exterior mirror housings feature concealed logo projectors which project a diamond-shaped pattern, ID. models’ typical design motif, onto the ground upon opening the doors.

Volkswagen ID.4 - lights

The optional front IQ.Light is a LED matrix headlights with daytime headlights, which can greet the driver before the drive starts.

"Its light modules are made up of eleven individual LEDs each, which can be individually switched off and dimmed. They consequently emit an intelligently controlled, continuous main beam, always illuminating the road as brightly as possible without dazzling other road users.

The modules bear a strong resemblance to human eyes. Illuminated rings with a flattened lower section surround them – they are the hallmark of ID. models featuring IQ.Light. Honeycomb-shaped openings in the modules’ housings and all-round fibre optic cables generate the daytime running light. When the lighting is on, a light strip runs across the front end to link the headlights to each other.

Light modules in the headlights communicate with the driver even before the ID.4 sets off on a journey: whenever drivers approach the vehicle with the key, the lights electrically swivel upwards from the bottom to thus welcome them by looking up. With the Keyless Advanced access system on board, the vehicle features an enhanced welcome scenario: in this case, the light modules “open their eyes” and then additionally swivel to the side – making the impression that the vehicle is seeking eye contact with the approaching driver."

Volkswagen ID.4 - lights

According to Volkswagen, the rear 3D LED tail light clusters (also optional) offers extremely homogeneous light.

Volkswagen ID.4 - lights

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