This is yet another episode from YouTube channel Wham Baam Teslacam that's packed with entertaining TeslaCam and Sentry Mode footage. We're kind of surprised that videos like this have become so popular on the internet, but the recipe works: short, fun, funny, scary, interesting, and informative.

For those who aren't aware, Tesla's vehicles all come standard with a built-in dashcam and a multi-video security system. The features are made possible via Tesla Autopilot's suite of cameras, which are included on all Tesla's cars.

In this recent episode, you'll see a semi-truck car hauler lose control and run off the road due to a tire blowout. Fortunately, no one was hurt. You'll also witness a lady dinging the side of a Tesla Model 3 with her door. She insists she didn't do it, but it was captured by the car's Sentry Mode video. Sadly, the video didn't get a license plate.

Even more interesting is watching an SUV driver throw a cup of coffee at another SUV on the highway. Another large truck overtakes a cyclist and almost smashes into a Tesla head on. Thankfully, the Tesla driver was able to narrowly pull off the road at the last minute to avoid being hit.

The list of clips here goes on and on. An SUV driver blows a stop sign almost t-boning a Model 3, but the Tesla's advanced driver-assist systems stopped the car in time. Another Tesla dodges a Dodge in a parking lot and Autopilot avoids a lane-crossing tow truck, and 

Check out the video for all the entertaining TeslaCam and Sentry Mode footage. Then, scroll down and leave us a comment below.

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