According to the latest report from SNE Research, during the challenging first seven months of 2020, the global EV battery market amounted to 53.3 GWh, which is 16.8% less than a year ago.

That's completely understood, as the lockdowns hit automakers pretty hard. The numbers of installed battery capacity, based on the vehicle registrations, reveals also other interesting things.

First of all, most of the EV battery manufacturers noted sales decline, but the three biggest South Korean companies (LG Chem, Samsung SDI and SK Innovation) actually expanded significantly, more than doubling market share to 35.6% during January-July period (up from 15.9%).

LG Chem is also the top player with an estimated 13.4 GWh of capacity deployed (up 97.4%) and the highest market share of 25.1%.

Chinese CATL is #2 because of a 25.5% decrease year-over-year to 12.7 GWh, and Panasonic (once the lone market leader) decreased even more - by 30.9% to 10.1 GWh.

Battery market January-July 2020:

  • LG Chem: 13.4 GWh (up 97.4% from 6.8 GWh)
    market share of 25.1% (up from 10.6%)
  • CATL: 12.7 GWh (down 25.5% from 17.0 GWh)
    market share of 23.8% (down from 26.6%)
  • Panasonic: 10.1 GWh (down 30.9% from 14.6 GWh)
    market share of 18.9% (down from 22.8%)
  • Samsung SDI: 3.4 GWh (up 52.6% from 2.2 GWh)
    market share of 6.4% (up from 3.5%)
  • BYD: 3.2 GWh (down 60.8% from 8.1 GWh)
    market share of 5.9% (down from 12.6%)
  • SK Innovation: 2.2 GWh (up 86.5% from 1.2 GWh)
    market share of 4.1% (up from 1.8%)
  • Envision AESC: 1.9 GWh (down 12.9% from 2.2 GWh)
    market share of 3.6% (up from 3.4%)
  • other: 6.5 GWh (down 46.7% from 12.0 GWh)
    market share of 12.2% (down from 18.7%)
  • Total: 53.3 GWh (down 16.8% from 64.1 GWh)

LG Chem is gaining a lot of momentum with its gigafactory in Europe as well as a partnership with Tesla in China. Samsung SDI benefits from the growing volume of Audi e-tron, Ford Kuga PHEV (Ford Escape PHEV in the U.S.) and BMW plug-ins. SK Innovation supplies Hyundai/Kia.


In July, the EV battery market was growing nicely at 20.9% year-over-year to 10.5 GWh, and LG Chem was responsible - according to the report - for 2.8 GWh, which is 26.7%.

The South Korean companies are also growing super fast: LG Chem by 171.5%, Samsung SDI by 142.4% and SK Innovation by 183.3%, while the CATL, Panasonic and BYD only managed to minimize the year-over-year decline.

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