How does Tesla Autopilot react to a large truck just about driving over it or running it off the road? Just like a good human driver, we hope. The truth is, in many cases, advanced driver-assist systems are going to work much better than a human driver, though there are always exceptions. The video above gives us a solid look at how Autopilot should and did react.

Has Tesla Autopilot caused accidents? Sure it has. Has Autopilot hurt or killed anyone? Yes, sadly. Is Tesla Autopilot saving lives? Most certainly.

Advanced safety technologies save many lives every day. If they didn't, they wouldn't be allowed and/or required on cars. However, we rarely hear about the successes. There have been a handful of serious accidents that involved Autopilot, and those are the ones that stick in many people's minds. 

Thankfully, since Tesla added its built-in dashcam (TeslaCam) and Sentry Mode features, we have a lot more footage coming in related to Autopilot driving. TeslaCam is another feature we think should be available on all cars, but that's another story we've already told many times.

The Tesla owner that made this video credits Autopilot for saving his life. He says he doesn't know if he would have swerved left as quickly as Autopilot did, especially since he would have had to look back and notice the approaching truck. It happened very fast, but as you can see, the car's technology performed as it should. He explains that there was a "hard jerk controlled by the car." It took him by surprise and he grabbed the wheel to correct, which safely disengaged Autopilot.

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