Today we saw images of a camouflaged Tesla Model Y, spied somewhere on the Chinese highway, which reportedly was Made-in-China (MIC).

If Tesla is really already producing the first prototype/pre-series Model Y at the Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, it would be actually a sign that the market launch is really close.

The interesting thing is that Tesla usually does not camouflage its new cars and we saw the early units testing in the wild without the zebra decal.

Anyway, here are the images of the car on the flatbed, probably being transported for some final tests.


Tesla opened an online design studio for MIC Model Y in June and was expected to start production and deliveries in Q1 2021. Who knows, maybe the production will start earlier - in Q4 2020?

The company already started hiring new employees for the Model Y production line (which is in the final stage of construction).

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