Ford is currently extremely busy with the retooling of its plants to handle the new F-150, introduced on June 25.

According to Bloomberg, the main plant in Dearborn, Michigan will be closed on September 7, for about two weeks, to complete the retooling. The second F-150 plant near Kansas City, Missouri, will continue the production of the outgoing version to minimize the impact.

The most important thing for us is the battery-electric Ford F-150 Electric, which will be based on the new-generation F-150.

Ford is building a new manufacturing facility for the EV version, adjacent to its F-150 plant in Dearborn. This new facility will employ 300 new workers.

The sales of the electric F-150 should start in 2022, so all of 2021 will be available to refine the vehicle and the production process.

We guess that most of the manufacturing stages will be shared between the conventional and electric versions.

The Ford F-150 Electric probably will not be the first all-electric pickup on the market, as the Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T are scheduled for 2021.

There is also the Lordstown Endurance, but the the project is now delayed to H2 2021.

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