Who would you trust most to repair and restore your aging Tesla? While some Tesla Service Centers perform repairs, it's not consistent. Moreover, you're probably not going to be able to take an old Tesla Roadster to your local Tesla center for a makeover. Tesla counts on company-approved shops for most of its repairs, which means some people have fantastic experiences while other reports are terrible.

What's Inside? Family recently visited one of the world's top Tesla and EV service and parts outfits: Medlock & Sons, which is a family-owned operation located in Seattle, Washington. Owner Carl Medlock is a former Tesla employee and has been repairing Tesla vehicles since 2009. While the garage seems to focus on repairing and restoring original Tesla Roadsters, it's also an authority on Tesla and EV repairs in general.

We've reported on a similar garage in the past: Gruber Motor Company out of Phoenix, Arizona. Aside from Gruber and Medlock, there are few options for aging Teslas. Of course, we've spent a great deal of time covering Rich Rebuilds, but it seems his Tesla days are over, at least on a personal level. Keep in mind, however, that he still has an 'Electrified Garage' – along with our friend Chris Salvo – that works on Tesla vehicles

Carl Medlock recently did some amazing work on Dan Markham's red Tesla Roadster. Now, Markham returns the favor by taking us inside Medlock's garage. It really is fascinating to see the restoration process and how the Medlocks go about their work. When they're done, the Roadster, which was certainly not Tesla's best effort, is transformed into an amazing car.

Check out the video and then leave us your takeaways in the comment section below. If you own an original Tesla Roadster, we'd love to hear from you. Have you had it repaired or restored? If so, where?

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