Rivian continues to publish short but fascinating video content as it ramps up and readies for upcoming production efforts. A few years back, it bought the old Mitsubishi plant in Normal, IL. At the time, the plant was still functional, though Rivian has been working for some time to get it ready to build electric trucks.

We learned recently that early trial production is already underway at the factory. As you can see in this video, that's definitely the case. CEO RJ Scaringe takes us on a tour to see the factor's overall progress, as well as specifics related to vehicle parts and its robots.

Scaringe says many more robots will be delivered this upcoming fall to assure the factory is ready to roll. He says, in the end, there will be some 500 robots on site. Interestingly, the robots are painted a unique blue color, the same color as the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck shown in this video and various other Rivian videos. The CEO says they liked the color so much they used it to paint the robots.


Scaringe also talks about the company's "green" efforts. Of course, choosing to produce electric vehicles is about as green as it gets. However, Rivian is also having most of its shipments come in reusable shipping containers. In fact, when we visited Rivian's facility in Michigan, we noticed that shipping containers and other related structures were actually repurposed as workspaces inside the building.

Scaringe also says Rivian is using ocean-based plastics, meaning they're using plastic that's vacuumed from the ocean floor to help clean up pollution and reuse the materials. We find Scaringe's insight and dialogue to be highly educational. Check out the video for more from the CEO. Then, leave us a comment.

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