We've mentioned time and time again that the Tesla Model S is one of the quickest production cars ever built. The Porsche Taycan sits beside the Model S when it comes to blazing-fast acceleration.

The much larger Tesla Model X crossover isn't far behind. In fact, it beats high-performance sports cars all the time. However, the new Tesla Model X Performance with the new "Cheetah Mode" launch software is so lively, it may be the quickest production SUV to date.

DragTimes took the Model X Performance out on the track for a few runs. Brooks was hoping to break records, and that's precisely what happened, but there's a caveat. The silver-wrapped Model X posted times of 10.929 and 10.96 for the quarter-mile. Sadly, the Model X is modified. Aside from the crazy wrap, it appears to have special wheels. Moreover, the owner stripped a lot of weight from inside the car.

The crazy part here is that another Model X Performance pulled off a 10.935-second quarter-mile time. The second Model X was a stock car with stock 20-inch wheels. It's interesting that it was able to achieve almost the same time with its full weight. However, we've been told by several people "in the know" that stripping some weight from these cars doesn't necessarily make that much of a difference. Brooks also says he didn't get Cheetah mode fully engaged in the stripped Model X runs.

Check out the video and let us know what you think about the times. There's also a racing in the video. At any rate, should the stock Model X have been able to pull such an impressive time? What's up with the weight reduction? It doesn't seem to be worth the trouble based on these results.

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