We appreciate that even though Rivian isn't ready to bring its electric trucks to market, it has working prototypes out on the road, track, and trail, not to mention on camera often. The electric automaker continues to create unique content related to its R1T all-electric pickup truck and R1S three-row SUV to share with the world.

In this recent video entitled 'Episode Three: Powering Adventure | Adventurous Forever' and published on Rivian's official YouTube channel, Rivians asks, "What makes electric adventure possible?"

Of course, the video works to answer that question. We get to meet the Michigan-based electric automaker's battery team and go behind the scenes in a Rivian lab to learn all about Rivian's electric adventure vehicles, and, more specifically, their batteries and battery packs.

The team talks about how its system is unique and designed in-house. These vehicles need plenty of battery cells, but the packaging must be such that the pack doesn't take space away from the electric trucks. In addition, due to the purpose of these adventure vehicles, the batteries have to be especially good at warding off excessive heat, and must last for years and years.

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