The void of the electric pickup truck soon will be filled by multiple contenders - Ford announced that its all-electric F-150 EV will enter the U.S. market within 24-months, which means mid-2022 (June 2022 to be precise).

The company said that commercial/truck vehicles are a fundamental part of its business. This is why we should consider the in-house development of electric pickups and vans as a really (finally) significant push by Ford.

We don't know much more about the electric F-150, beside that the unveiling is expected in 2021.

A few times we saw a camouflaged prototype on photos or videos, and once Ford even showed a test mule, hauling a train.

Besides the F-150, in 2022 Ford will launch in North America also the new all-electric Transit.

“Ford will add battery electric versions of Transit and F-150 in the next 24 months for commercial customers who increasingly need zero emissions and the power of connectivity, data and artificial intelligence.” - Jim Farley, Ford chief operating officer

Only time will tell whether other commercial vehicles/mid-size pickups, developed jointly with Volkswagen, will also be electrified.

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