Ever since Tesla released its built-in Sentry Mode and TeslaCam dashcam features – which rely on Tesla Autopilot cameras – we've seen our fair share of interesting footage. As we've said before, we hope this motivates other automakers to offer such features in the future.

In addition to catching footage of reckless driving, crashes, fights, and other crimes, we regularly see videos of unplugging. Unplugging is simply when a person unplugs a charging vehicle either to plug their own car in, or just to be a jerk. While unplugging isn't officially illegal in many areas, it may as well be.

In this recent video, you can clearly see a Nissan LEAF driver unplug a Tesla Model 3 to charge her car. At first, it appears as if she's given up and isn't going to resort to unplugging the Model 3. She closes her charging port and gets back into her LEAF. However, that plan proves to be very brief, as she exits her car, unplugs the Tesla, plugs in the Nissan, and leaves the area.

Hopefully, as more charging stations pop up, we'll see this less often. In the meantime, we need to educate people that this is just not okay. You could potentially leave someone stranded or make them late for an important appointment. What if they had to pick up their kids or report to work?

With that said, clearly some people just don't care. The LEAF driver's Texas license plate number is shown in the video description below.

Video Description via Tesla P3D on YouTube:

Leaf Thief owner unplugs Tesla Model 3

Charging up my Tesla to have enough juice to get home from work, when this Leaf owner parks next to the EV space I'm in, and pulls the charger I'm using out of the adapter connected to my charging port. Texas plate MKX 0081 on the Leaf.

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