Sliding doors enhance useability by leaps and bounds.

Though the Tesla Model X has a certain high level of versatility, the deletion of the falcon-wing doors in favor of minivan-like sliding doors would make it so much better in regards to useability, access, ease of entry/exit, parking in confined space and more.

With that in mind, Drivable Designs set out to create a Tesla Model XL in minivan form. You probably recall that Drivable Designs just released renderings of the Model XL, but that set of images didn't feature sliding doors. Commenters on InsideEVs asked for images of the Model XL with proper minivan-like sliding doors and Drivable Designs delivered, so take a look.

Gallery: Tesla Minivan

We should note that, in order to accommodate the sliding doors, the Model X had to be lengthened and otherwise tweaked a bit. As Drivable Designs states:

"I see that a lot of people viewing this would have liked the rendering to have sliding doors. I listened and created this Tesla Model XL Minivan. I had to make the whole vehicle longer and then reposition a few things to get a perfect rendering."

Down below we included the first set of Model XL renders without the sliding doors for comparison. After checking both versions out, do you have a preference? Let us know your thoughts in comments and yes, Tesla should definitely make an electric minivan. We can all agree on that, right?

Gallery: Tesla Model XL

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