Tesla's made a lot of improvements in their cars over the years, many of which were obvious as the new front facia on the Model S, eliminating the original "nose cone' design. However, they have also made many upgrades that may not be as easily noticed, and in this video, the YouTube channel E For Electric does a deep dive into some of those improvements. 

It's hard to believe, but the Model S is now in its ninth year of production, as it was first available as a 2012 Model. Therefore, we'd certainly expect there to be upgrades and improvements, but the video does a good job of explaining what was reengineered and why. 

Alex Guberman of E For Electric got his hands on a very early pre-production release candidate Model S with VIN number 104. It's surprising that any of these are still around and in public hands, no less. As far as I know, release-candidate vehicles aren't supposed to be sold to the public, as they aren't fully production-spec vehicles. 

The first thing Guberman looks at is the Model S's retractable door handles. It's no secret that these were a problem for Tesla in the early years, and the video really explains exactly what the biggest issues were, and how Tesla improved it. 

Next up we get a look at the original steering column that Tesla sourced for early model year Model S's from Mercedes. Tesla only used those for a few years and switched over the current steering column that was engineered in-house. 

We then see how the side markers have advanced from serving only as a blinker to the unit that houses the side cameras which are used for ADAS and SentryCam. 

Model S TPS
The original Model S TPS is on the left and the redesigned unit is on the right.

Guberman then explains how Tesla redesigned the headlights and transitioned to Xenon bulbs to LEDs and why they are better. He then talks about the Model S's motor, seats, tire pressure sensors, radar system, and the center display screen issues. 

So check out the video and let us know if Guberman missed anything. Also, let us know if you agree he did a good job explaining these Tesla improvements. 


Video Description via E For Electric on YouTube:

These are the Tesla upgrades that you never get to actually see. We'll examine those changes on Tesla Model S from its original 2012 version to the current 2020 version using a very rare Tesla Model S release candidate car here in Sacramento, CA

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