According to a survey of 3,000 users of in the UK, the lower levels of emissions during the coronavirus lockdown might increase consumer interest in electric vehicles.

The reason is simple - people spotted higher air quality and silence, and can physically experience that electric vehicles really might have a big impact on the environment around them.

The study finds that 4-in-10 respondents are now "more likely to purchase a plug-in car."

Of course, we must remember that once traffic returns, the emissions will too, as the full switch from ICE to EVs is a long way off. In the best-case scenario, when up to 100% of new cars are zero-emission, it still would take years before all the old vehicles are replaced. currently lists almost 4,000 private spaces where electric vehicles can find a paid charging spot, equipped with a charging point. The number of such spots is growing daily.

Another important and frankly positive finding is that more people decided to walk or cycle more, instead of using any car.

In April 2020, mostly because of the low ICE sales, the plug-in electric share went through the roof and theĀ Tesla Model 3 became the top model, regardless of powertrain.

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