Watch this very unique (and timely) race between a Formula 1 race car with toilet paper tires and a spaghetti box body and the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck.

If you had thought you'd seen it all, think again.

This Formula 1 race car features very unique COVID-19 livery. It's so unique that only one such example exists and it likely won't be around for long. Those tires alone are about as valuable these days as a pricey seaside mansion, so surely it'll be targeted by some hoarders soon enough. Not to mention that scrumptious Barilla spaghetti body. Thin spaghetti may not be in as short of supply as toilet paper, but you never know what tomorrow may bring these days.

Therefore, this may be the only race you'll ever see between the COVID-19 Formula 1 car and any other vehicle. And we're fortunate enough that it was uploaded to YouTube where it will forever live on, even if the F1 COVID-19 car does not.

As the racing action commences, it's immediately evident that toilet paper lacks the traction of racing rubber. The F1 car struggles from the get-go. The boxy (literally) body doesn't help either as the aerodynamics suffer noticeably as speed increases. The f1 car seems quite ponderous too. It just can't hold a straight line and therefore it blocks the progress of the Tesla Cybertruck for quite some time.

Eventually though, the electric truck gets around the weaving race car and blows it away. Even more amazing is the fact that the toilet paper tires seem to cope well with the heat and stay intact throughout the entire race. The spaghetti boxes manage to contain their contents too, despite the high rate of speed and drag that's trying to tear them apart.

Mark this video as a part of history and remember that it's only now that you're likely to ever see a race car outfitted in such a way. 

Video description via Tosty Show on YouTube:

Formula COVID-19 vs Tesla Cybertruck

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