Renault is approaching the problem of adding more EVs to its range the right way, at least according to some leading industry officials, by concentrating on high-riding crossover and SUVs, instead of more traditional sedans or hatchbacks. The French giant is apparently not going to launch one, but two such models which are set to arrive by 2022.

Both will be underpinned by the firm’s new CMF-EV platform, which according to Autocar, is scalable in terms of width and length, but it can only cater for compact and mid-size vehicles. The UK outlet quotes Gilles Normand, the senior vice president of Renault’s EV program, who confirmed the fact that both models will be high-riders, although they will have to have superior aero properties compared to other similar vehicles. He said

‘ In the EV world, we are sensitive to drag: air efficiency around the car. With these new applications, we are up to 550km [400 miles] of driving range. ‘

Referring to the upcoming Dacia Spring, he added that

‘ We identified there was room below Zoe but even more expectation above Zoe. People are realising that EVs are safe, enjoyable and can be taken on much longer trips than [early] EVs. ‘

Regarding the models, one will be roughly the same size as the Kadjar (which will become a plug-in hybrid in its second generation), but we don’t really know anything about the second one. It probably won’t be the same size, because automakers don’t develop redundant models (especially not at the same time).

Renault intends to have eight EVs in its range by 2022, and most of them will be small. It’s therefore plausible that this second electric crossover will slot in between the Dacia Spring and the aforementioned future Kadjar-sized model.

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