If you check InsideEVs often, you have probably already seen the crazy project the YouTube channels Samcrac and Rich Rebuilds are doing together. In March, we told you they bought a salvaged $2,050 Chevy Spark EV and planned to turn it into the first electric Domino’s DXP. The video above shows that project is going forward. 

The Domino’s DXP is the first car that we know about to be mass-produced for pizza delivery. It was basically a Chevy Spark with a warming oven to keep the goods hot until it reached the clients’ houses. For obvious reasons, it never had an electric version: the Spark EV has an EPA-estimated range of 82 mi.

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Putting a warming oven on such a vehicle will drastically reduce the range. The advantage is that the Spark EV is much better to drive than the regular one. That said, Rich Benoit and Sam will have fun driving, even if they do that for shorter distances. At least the Popeyes Fried Chicken –which Benoit loves – will be hot when they eat it waiting for the tow truck.

Benoit and Sam do not seem to have had a lot of work so far in getting the pieces together. Benoit traveled to Florida to meet Sam. They extracted the necessary parts from the DXP and put it on the Spark EV. Sam just stuffed them inside the little EV before shipping it to Benoit. The latter will continue the assembly process in New Hampshire.

Sam drove the Spark EV for a few miles without the cooling system, so Benoit fears that it may have damaged something in the urban electric car. If it didn’t, we’ll probably hear about the electric DXP in some weeks. Benoit said he is going to learn how to paint with the little Chevy. He even states he may do that in flip-flops, as he does welding and metal cutting. We bet he will protect his feet from welding sparks with a good coat of paint! Safety first, gents!

Source: Rich Rebuilds 

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