Get ready to be bombarded with tons of information about what Elon Musk plans to do with Tesla and SpaceX because he was just on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. The previous podcast featuring Musk ended up being Rogan’s most popular ever, amassing over 33-million views, so as you can imagine, there’s a lot of interest to see what’s going on in Musk’s mind this year.

This podcast won’t top the first one’s popularity, though, because Musk was far more restrained than last time; in case you forgot (which you probably didn’t), the two shared a joint on the previous podcast, which is what undeniably attracted some of its many views.

This second podcast is still worth a watch, since as you can imagine, Musk mentions lots of plans that he intends to set in motion in the future. However, this is an electric vehicle-centric website, what we really want to know is when Tesla’s next models will become available or any new details about them. Thankfully, Musk does shed some more light on that as we’ll try to elaborate below.

We’ll say it right off the bat that Musk did not announce a clear launch date for the second-gen Tesla Roadster. He basically said that the company still needs to increase Model Y production, it needs to focus on building its facility in Germany, expanding its Shanghai plant, as well as concentrating on launching the Semi and Cybertruck first.

Musk made it clear that the Cybertruck would hit the street before the Roadster, but he didn’t give a clear indication of an actual time frame.

He also pointed out that work on the Model S Plaid is still underway, and there’s a good chance that it may not be revealed this year, as previously announced. Work on its tri-motor powertrain is still being carried out, the same powertrain that will be used to power the Roadster.

More details on the Model S Plaid, as well as on other models, could be revealed at the upcoming ‘ Powertrain and Battery Investor Day.’ Musk called it ‘ one of the most exciting days in Tesla history,’ but he did not explicitly mention any particular topic to be discussed at that venue.

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