It seems most people expected the Tesla Model Y to be rated to tow. However, when it first came to market, that wasn't the case. Not long after that, Tesla announced that the crossover was rated to tow up to 3,500 pounds. You can add Tesla's tow hitch as a $1,000 option when you order your Model Y.

Once it became known that the Model Y was rated to tow, a few aftermarket products came along, and we shared a video with you showing an install. Now, Tesla owner and YouTube influencer Erik Strait (DAErik) is installing a tow hitch on his Model Y.

Strait takes us through the prep process prior to installing the tow hitch. He goes into detail about the dismantling process, which is quite involved. However, the work isn't difficult and should be relatively straightforward for you if you're handy, but it's going to take some time and patience.

Strait chose the Torklift Central EcoHitch that we shared earlier. It costs less than $300, but that doesn't include the wiring harness, which will set you back about $200. Check it all out and then leave us a comment.

Video Description via DAErik on YouTube:

First Production Tesla Model Y With Tow Hitch! Install Guide.

World's first Model Y with a tow hitch! Hopefully, this install guide helps you install your own hitch! If you have any questions, ask below and I will help out!

1) The vinyl wrap is satin black, not semi-gloss.
2) I misspelled brake at the end.

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