Flying cars may seem like a joke. However, it wasn't too long ago that electric cars seemed like a joke to many people. How about a flying electric car? It probably seems counterintuitive since batteries are heavy, range will likely be an issue, and there's not really a market for it.

Nonetheless, a flying electric car race series called 'Airspeeder' is now one huge step closer to becoming a reality. The series, which was founded by flying electric car company Alauda, is in its first round of funding. Surprisingly, it already received a seven-figure investment to help push its plans forward.

According to Alauda via Autocar, the series aims to “accelerate the development of electric flying cars.” This style of mission statement sounds all too familiar. The company is banking on getting others involved by making its product and presentation fascinating. To do this, it will use these flying electric vehicles in traditional races.

The racing series is set to start later this year. First, once the coronavirus restrictions ease up, Alauda will move forward with manned test flights. Previously, the flying EVs were tested in unmanned, remote-controlled form.

Alauda Airspeeders feature an interchangeable battery pack capable of pumping out 500 kW. They weigh only 250 kg and have four 32-bhp motors, which gives them a better power-to-weight ratio than Formula 1 cars. Airspeeders can reach a top speed of 124 mph.

We've embedded some videos below for your enjoyment:

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Airspeeder - The team and process

Take a look behind the scenes to meet the Airspeeder team and understand how they work (January 2019).

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