This TeslaCam video captures a Ford Mustang almost hitting a Tesla Model X. Then, a Porsche driver is caught flicking off the Model X in anger after the Tesla passes the Porsche.

Obvious from the video is the poor driving of the Mustang. The car crosses over the line and nearly hits the Model X. The video is captured from a couple of different angles and, as you'll see in the clip, the Mustang gets about as close to the Model X as possible without actually hitting it. This is a close near miss.

TeslaCam Mustang And Porsche

Less obvious is the claimed finger-flicking from the driver of the Porsche. We can't make this out from the rather grainy video clip, so we just have to take the Model X driver's word on this one.

TeslaCam Mustang And Porsche

What you will see though is both cars accelerating away from the stoplight. The Model X quickly jumps out to a lead before the driver of the Tesla backs off. Presumably, it's at about this point when the finger is raised and directed at the driver of the Tesla. Perhaps you can spot the gesture in the video?

We could say the driver of the Model X enticed the Porsche driver into action in this instance, but that's not always the case. Often times, the Tesla driver does not knowingly provoke others, yet the electric cars still seem targeted by some others out on the road.

Grab a look at the video above and see if you can spot the hand gesture from the driver in the Porsche. If so, was it warranted?

Video description via Steve Mullholand on YouTube:

TeslaCam Model X Performance Dodges Mustang and Finger from Porsche Mini Race

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