You may remember we featured an EV-converted Toyota 86 coupe made by Philip Schuster from Ulm, Germany. In the previous post, we provided as many technical details as possible, as well as a video of the car accelerating on a rolling road - now we finally get to see it in action for the first time.

Philip has uploaded new videos on his YouTube channel, and while they are still quite short, the do give us a much better idea of what the electrified 86 can do and how it was put together. As a reminder, it is powered by a Nissan LEAF motor and it draws energy from the 24 kWh pack (the one the Leaf originally came with), but the cells are spread around the car.

Probably the most eagerly anticipated video was the acceleration run. In the very short video that only lasts 10 seconds, Philip gives us a taste of the kind of acceleration you can experience in his car. And let me tell you - it’s decently quick, hitting 100 km/h in under 7 seconds (estimate based on timing the video), which puts it on par with what it could do with the original boxer engine under the hood.

The other fun video is one where the car can be seen effortlessly doing donuts, albeit on what appears to be damp tarmac. It looks like it breaks traction very easily and can maintain the slide with little effort. We hope to see more of this project in the future, maybe a lengthier and more detailed driving video shot inside the car.

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