The Porsche Taycan was recently featured on Top Gear where Chris Harris found it remarkably compelling as an all-electric sports sedan. He argues that it is the most fun to drive vehicle of its type, but he also lets slip that he knows Porsche is not showcasing all that it can do with EVs.

This isn’t really something you think about when looking at the Taycan (and reading its specs), but Harris mentions that there was a Porsche engineer present while they were shooting its segment for the show. This engineer is the one who told him Porsche’s EV tech is even more advanced.

But what could he mean by that? We know, for instance, that Porsche owns 15.5 percent of Rimac Automobili, the Croatian company that builds EV supercars. Rimac is expected to start deliveries of its C_Two all-electric hypercar this year, and that’s a very exciting prospect because it has a claimed total power output of 1,888 horsepower, a sprint time from standstill to sixty in under two seconds and a top speed of 415 km/h (258 mph).

The C Two’s range is a claimed 650 km (400 miles) thanks to a beefy 120 kWh battery pack. All these numbers are very impressive, but they are currently the reserve of the most expensive of electric vehicles - Rimac intends to build 150 examples priced at €1.8-million ($1.96-million).

The Porsche engineer that Harris mentions may have been referring to tech being reserved for the all-electric hypercar that allegedly uses Rimac know-how and is believed to be currently in development; it is expected to be revealed in 2025. He could also be referring to future electrified supercars - it’s been said that some of the brand’s core models may be replaced by all-electric cars.

Porsche is preparing an electric model offensive: it is believed it will have an all-electric Macan-equivalent model on sale by 2022. The rumor mill has even churned out reports that when the time will come for the manufacturer to replace the current 718 Cayman and Boxster models, their replacement will also be an EV, although we’re taking this one with a grain of salt.

But if the Taycan is any indication of future Porsche EVs, then we’re very excited to see what the automaker comes up with.

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