As the April reveal of the production version of the Lucid Air approaches, Lucid Motors is busy reminding us they are still here and moving forward. As we predicted in a post last week, Lucid is continuing to release content, little by little to help keep interest high, and hopefully add some more names on the reservation list ahead of the New York Auto Show reveal

As we take EV technology to the next level, it's time to validate the incredible performance envelope we've engineered for our customers -- including an electric driving range that challenges the 400-mile mark.

In the video named "Epic Testing" by Lucid, the testing begins at Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, California, where they are working on the Air's ride and handling. This includes a lot of drifting and showing off the Air's track capabilities.

Lucid Air Testing

The video then moves 180 miles south to the NASA Airport and testing facility in Crows Landing, California for powertrain validation testing. The last segment has the Lucid team at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California performing efficiency testing. In these scenes, the car has large "400" stickers across the vehicle, indicating their goal of 400 miles per charge. In the end, the team celebrates as the vehicle finishes the tests, apparently insinuating that they achieve their goal of 400 miles per charge. 

Lucid Air Testing

However, as we know, EV range is a moving target, and 400 miles on a controlled environment like a race track doesn't equate to 400 miles of real-world driving. Once the EPA range rating is announced we'll know a little more about the vehicle's capabilities, and even that isn't always perfect

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