While the Tesla Model 3 is the most efficient EV on the market today, it doesn't charge as quickly as the Porsche Taycan Turbo. However, as we've explained before, efficiency plays a key role in charging speed. Still, there are other factors and considerations at play here.

To clarify, the Model 3 is much more efficient but has a lower peak charging rate. The Taycan has a higher rate but it's lacking in terms of efficiency.

German YouTube channel nextmove has covered the Model 3 relatively extensively in the past. Now, it's starting to report on the Porsche Taycan and compare the two in critical metrics related to EVs. 

Nextmove's tests showed that the Taycan isn't able to charge at the advertised 270 kW rate, however, it's not far off. The publication recorded a peak around 250 kW. Nonetheless, the Taycan proved to charge a bit quicker than Porsche's numbers suggest.

After spending some time collecting charging data from the Taycan, nextmove compared it to Model 3 charging speed tests. In the end, the Taycan added more range per hour than the Model 3 even when the Tesla was charging at a V3 Supercharger.

It's important to note, however, that when it comes to shorter charging times, where a small amount of range is attained over a very limited time, the Model 3 prevails. It can add some 100 miles of range in just seven minutes, but its charge begins to taper sooner than that of the Taycan.

Both cars charge quickly under different circumstances, but the Taycan wins overall. With that said, the better choice for you comes down to how you use your EV and what your personal charging situation is.

Below the video description, we've embedded nextmove's Porsche Taycan consumption test, which we previously covered here.

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Video Description via nextmove on YouTube:

Who charges faster? Turbocharger Porsche Taycan or Supercharger Tesla Model 3?

Cars are often worse in reality than in the manufacturers‘ brochures. On paper, the Porsche Taycan shines with a charging speed of 22.5 minutes for a charge from 5 to 80% at a suitable CCS fast charging station, such as Ionity's 350 kW. nextmove wants to know and you certainly want to know too: Is the Porsche Taycan a real turbocharger or does the supercharger Tesla Model 3 steel the show at the charging station?

We have tested it and determined the charging speed. In the nextmove charging test we not only measure the charging time for the charge level from 0 to 80%. But also what the driver should be interested in: namely the range charged during that time. In doing so, we do not take a rated consumption that is not realistic , but rather the real consumption that was determined during our own drive to the charging station.

Porsche says that the Taycan is the fastest charging electric car on the market. Can the Taycan keep these promise or will it have to give in to the Tesla Model 3. We figured it out for you. Please subscribe to the channel - there will be many videos with the Porsche Taycan following. We soon also offer the Taycan for rent in our all electric fleet: https://nextmove.de/taycan-mieten-mit...

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