While the EPA says the Porsche Taycan Turbo has a rated range of just 201 miles, many folks, including our own Tom Moloughney, beg to differ. This is not because they're trying to prove the EPA's system wrong, but instead, because they've experienced much better results first-hand. 

Ever since the Taycan's EPA-rated range came in at the arguably disappointing number, there has been plenty of talk and coverage. If just a few reports pointed to the all-electric Porsche offering a much better real-world range, that would be one thing, but now we have plenty of coverage related to the topic. 

A YouTube channel run by Germany's nextmove takes the Taycan Turbo and an enhanced Tesla Model 3 Long Range out on the Autobahn to compare real-world range. The results may be surprising unless you've already read our other accounts of the Taycan's real-world range as tested. We've included an official comparison via the EPA below:


As always, please leave us some comments after you've had an opportunity to check out the video above. We'd love to know your take on the whole Porsche Taycan range situation.

Video Description via nextmove on YouTube:

E-Super Bowl: Porsche Taycan vs Tesla Model 3 on Autobahn | EPA Range Surprise

Super Bowl weekend in Miami! In the National Football League finals, the Kansas City Chiefs will meet the San Francisco 49ers.

That's why nextmove is hosting the Emobility Super Bowl today: Porsche Taycan Turbo vs. Tesla Model 3. Germany vs. the USA in a head-to-head comparison on German Autobahn.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified the Porsche Taycan Turbo in December 2019 with a range of only 201 miles, or 323 kilometres. On paper, the Tesla Model 3 with an EPA range of 325 miles, or 523 kilometers, is clearly superior. Moreover, this Model 3 is not just any Model 3: efficient rear-wheel drive plus lowered suspension make it a real range monster.

Many people talk about the Taycan's short range - nextmove tests it ! One thing in advance: The result surprised us extremely.

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