If you aren't familiar with Gruber Motor Company, it arguably leads the pack when it comes to servicing and revitalizing old Tesla Roadsters. However, while the early Roadsters may be a point of focus for the company, it also deals with salvaged and bricked Model S sedans, much like Rich Rebuilds, who also happens to run a Tesla repair shop of his own.

Our good friend Kyle Conner – Out of Spec Motoring – recently enjoyed the unique opportunity to head out to Phoenix, Arizona to speak at length with Gruber CEO Pete Gruber. The CEO provides plenty of details and insight into how the Tesla rehabilitation process plays out.

As you can see from the links above, we've covered Gruber Motor Company on a few other occasions in the past. In fact, we provided a story about Kyle Conner's first visit to Gruber. Check out the story above or scroll down and watch the original video below.

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Video Description via Out of Spec Motoring on YouTube:

Keeping Tesla Roadsters Alive - Inside Gruber Motor Company

Kyle visited Phoenix, AZ to meet with Pete Gruber, CEO of the Gruber Companies. Pete and his team have been running and growing the leading Tesla Roadster service center. Join us as Pete takes our audience through a tour of what it takes to save these special cars.

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