We had the impression that the Tesla Model Y would not drive so much attention as the Model 3 or the Cybertruck, but it was apparently just a matter of getting closer to the deliveries. We have given you quite some pieces of evidence that Tesla would get them out sooner than expected, and this video does the same.

More Tesla Model Y News:

Ryan Shaw also clarifies some aspects of roominess, cold weather tests, and, of course, of the first deliveries. Have a look at the video or its description below to learn more about the car Elon Musk believes will have more orders than all the other Tesla vehicles combined.

Video Description Via Ryan Shaw On YouTube:

Today, we have even more info about the Tesla Model Y early release, and sightings of the Model Y, as well as a possible delivery schedule, & further updates on twitter.

1st up, 2 Model y’s were spotted, and photographed in Minnesota by James L., probably doing specifically cold-weather testing. The Tesla Model Y was testing where the temperature was 0 degrees Fahrenheit, or -17 Celsius. 

Next up, Ben on twitter @MacBenTosh tweeted “OMG just sat in a Mode Y! (Model Y) Rear seats compassed with buttons on the left side. Rear seats appeared to slide forwards and back!”

Also, the fact that the rear seats slide is a good sign for a car like this. He was in the 5 seater, so depending on how much stuff you’re storing in the back, if you have passengers, you'll have some flexibility for those seats. 

When asked about the headroom, Ben said: “maybe 1-2” less than the X”, which is great news for any tall people out there. He’s a Model X owner himself, so he definitely knows the headroom. 

The next tweet reply said “6’6” and felt like I was in my X. Great headroom and legroom”.

I’ve seen a lot of comments from tall people on YouTube wondering if they’ll fit in the Model Y since the Model 3 is pretty small as far as cars are concerned, and it looks like Ben, at 6’6” fit just fine, and comfortably, even when compared with his Model X vs Model Y. 

So the new info from Ben basically seems like headroom in the Model Y is great, the rear seats do fold, or collapse with the touch of a button, and the rear seats slide back and forth.

He was in a 5 seater, but also this week, new images of the 3rd row, 7 seater Tesla Model Y appeared online.

So these new images surfaced online showing the rear seats and the fact that there isn’t any legroom. 

Now my question is, where are the second-row seats positioned for this photo? According to Ben on twitter, the second row can slide back and forth, so if the second row was all the way back for maximum second-row legroom, then yeah, of course, there is no legroom in the third row! 

Here’s the Toyota RAV4 vs Model Y 3rd row back seats. Looks pretty spacious, but look at how far up the 2nd row of seats are. 

Now the Subaru forester vs. Tesla Model Y 3rd row back seats. Not a ton of space back there, especially in photos, which is all we’ve seen of the Model Y.

Now the very Popular Honda CRV vs the Tesla Model Y 3rd row back seats. In all of these photos the 3rd row is, tiny, but also the 2nd row is scooted up.

Granted, the back of the Model Y slopes more than a Honda CRV or Toyota RAV4, so it probably will be limited headroom back there, but we’ll see.

But who knows, maybe it’ll come out and everything I just laid out is completely wrong, the seats only fit elves, and everybody sticks with the 5 seater. In any case, the final bit of news today comes from Reddit.

Reddit user Quaf4 said that Model Y deliveries are confirmed next month. This Reddit user says that they received a call from a Tesla employee in Canada who was guiding them through their Model Y delivery process. Apparently, the employee said performance variants start delivery next month, and that they could expect their LR AWD in March or April.

The user commented on how it’s surprising that Canadians are getting the cars at the same time as the US, and that is very intriguing indeed.

The user followed up with more details saying that the 7 seater would be available by Q3 (as opposed to the original 2021).

So hopefully, based on all of this new information, the Tesla Model Y performance will be coming in February, the AWD will be in March and April, the RWD will follow that, and then standard range, along with 7 seaters to follow that. 

As this video goes live, we are 5 days away from the Tesla Q4 earnings call, and there is where we expect to hear everything about the Model Y. The last we heard about it from Tesla was at their Q3 earnings call, and everyone expects them to announce production and delivery times on January 29th. I’ll make a video as soon as any new details come out and keep you posted, so make sure you’re subscribed. 

In the meantime, I can’t wait to get my Model Y AWD, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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