With many signs pointing to the Tesla Model Y coming very soon, we have a recap of the evidence that suggests so, plus new design details and a whole gamut of well-researched, interesting, and valuable information for you.

Tesla Model Y reservation holder and YouTube influencer Ryan Shaw has clearly invested a great deal of time into putting together this recent informational video about the upcoming Tesla Model Y all-electric crossover.

If you don't have time to watch the whole video right now – though it's not very long – Shaw has put together an extensive written summary of all the information, which we've included via the video description below.

Will the Model Y arrive in the next few weeks? Do you think there are a ton of reservations, despite Tesla and Elon Musk keeping it quiet? How will the Model Y sell? We always appreciate your thoughts and insight in our comment section.

Video Description via Ryan Shaw on YouTube:

Tesla Model Y New Design and Delivery Details

A recent development has shown that the Tesla Model Y has now shown up as a listed model on the NHTSA manufacturer page for Tesla, and you can now decode Model Y VIN numbers using the official NHTSA decoder.

More than likely, Model Y deliveries will begin slowly, and to employees first. Then, they will deliver the most expensive Model Y performance to customers, and move on from there. I expect the AWD Long-range to come next, and then the RWD long-range, but none of this is confirmed.

On top of this evidence, on Saturday the 18th, a tweet from @moez said “CONFIRMED from a Tesla employee. Model Y first deliveries happening in 2 weeks”.

On the 18th, EV bite posted an article sharing some new information on the Model Y from what they claim is an “unnamed and previously reliable source at Tesla”.

This source says that Tesla will begin Model Y deliveries in March and that the Model Y is already in production to build up some inventory and avoid issues they had with the Model 3.

Additionally, the source says that Tesla has begun flying employees out for Tesla Model Y training with vehicle walkthroughs, Model Y test drives, and service lessons.

We have some very exciting new information thanks to Michael Hughes @mickthughes on Twitter. According to Michael, he has seen the Model Y two days in a row in San Luis Obispo. This time, he caught a photo of it parked right next to a Model X.

It points further to the fact that the Model Y is much larger than people realize. The design of the Model 3, but more like a smaller Model X in size.

But Michael gave us a lot more amazing details. He said that he had the opportunity to see the entire inside of the car from the Tesla employee driving it, but was asked to take no photos inside. He emphasized that the glass roof is epic without the cross beam that is present on the Model 3.

Michael, a Model 3 owner, said he wanted to get back in the Model Y after he was back in his Model 3. He emphasized how much more he likes the Model Y vs Model 3.

Regarding storage space, he said that the car is huge. He said quote “not model x but completely different and open from my 3. There are two under storage compartments. A big one like model 3 just bigger and a second one!!!!”.

Michael claims that the power liftgate for the hatchback is “sweet”, and that there is more room for storage since they moved the subwoofer. He also said, and this I CANNOT wait for, that the back seats “power” fold with a button.

According to Michael, the Tesla Model Y will have a button to automatically fold the seats down in the back. So when I’m about to load drums in the car, I press a button for the power liftgate, press a button for the seats to fold down, and I’m golden.

So I fully expect Tesla to announce the Model Y delivery timeline at their earnings call on January 29th, but I also expect a little more from Tesla at that event.

I think that Tesla is going to announce the official release of their Full Self Driving on the same day as the Model Y. Here’s why.

Elon had said that full self-driving would most likely come last year. Obviously, it didn’t come, but we did get some visualization features that point to Tesla being very close. The system is recognizing signals, stop signs, trash cans, cones, and much more.

They mention all of the full self driving features as being included with the upgrade on the Model Y, and don’t mention any delay. On top of this, Elon responded to a tweet on January 11th which may be further confirmation?

@strangecosmos tweeted at Elon and said “When’s feature-complete FSD coming out”? To which Elon responded “Soon”.

I’ll be making a lot of videos with my Model Y including every detail of the car, reviewing it, using autopilot in real life scenarios, as well as a lot of other fun video series’ with musicians, and more! So stay tuned and make sure you’re subscribed to see all of those new videos I’ll be coming out with.

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