Graham Stephan made headlines here in September 2019,  when he explained in his YouTube channel how he managed to get his Tesla Model 3 for free. We already told you why he underestimated his work on this one. Days after that, we found a video in which Stephan reported paint problems in his car. After having his Tesla for almost a year, he thought it was time to share the good, the bad, and the ugly about his Model 3. As you may imagine, the paint is a significant concern.

Stephan discovered some of the issues we have already reported here and some new ones about his car’s painting. One of them was paint correction spots that apparently were not finished. Another one was the lack of paint underneath the trunk lid.

The car was later wrapped, probably what prevented Stephan from having noticeable stone chips, another recurring complaint of Tesla Model 3 owners.

The YouTuber points out some other problems that we did not even imagine the car could have. We’ll let you discover them by watching the video or reading its description below. Go for the first option. The video is worth the time you’ll spend watching it. Just remember to let us know what you think about the issues if you have also experienced them and, above all, if you would also make the same conclusion Stephan came to: He’d get a Tesla Model 3 again but only with more range.

Video Description Via Graham Stephan On YouTube:

After almost a year, here is my full review of the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus - Enjoy! Now, in terms of the actual driving and ownership experience…here’s the “Bad”

The first is with Super Charging. 

Thankfully, I have yet to be in a situation where I’ve arrived at a Super Charger and it’s been entirely full. However, I’ve certainly been in situations where I’ve pulled up to a supercharger and taken the last spot…and then someone pulls up a few minutes later and has to sit there, waiting for 10-20 minutes waiting for something to open up.

Second, lets talk briefly about Range Anxiety. 

This is the phenomenon where you worry about running out of a charge while driving, or wondering about whether or not you’ll have enough electricity to make it to your destination and back without running out. 

And third…while we’re on the topic of super chargers…it definitely adds time to your trip. 

The car will tell you that you’ll only have to supercharge for 10 or 20 minutes in order to give yourself enough battery to get to the next supercharger…but usually you never want to cut it that close, and the mileage the car tells you can be off by 5 or 10%.

Fourth: Entry 

I’ve noticed that at completely random times, when I walk up to the car…it won’t open. 

Fifth: Repair

It’s been decent the ONE TIME I’ve used it. They DID fix the car and they gave me a Model X P90D as a loaner car, which was REALLY nice. Plus, I’ve heard that Tesla will often will you a BETTER LOANER CAR than what you currently drive, just to give you a bonus “Tesla experience” and show you what you’re missing out on.

Sixth: Paying extra for Full Self Driving

I probably would’ve been a little upset had I paid $5000 for the full self driving option a year ago, and still not have been able to use it like initially advertised. 

What I like:

First…Autopilot. It’s absolutely amazing. 

After using it…I gotta say…the self driving feature is a better driver than 99% of people on the road. It keeps the car RIGHT in the middle of the lane, it’s avoided accidents from cars who have tried to merge into me, it keeps me going at the precise speed I set it to, and it makes the overall trip SO much more enjoyable. 

Second, there’s absolutely something to be said about not having a gas powered engine. 

That means I never need to stop at gas stations. I never need to worry about oil changes. Plus, electricity is WAY cheaper than gasoline, so it ends up saving me a ton of money. 

Third: Tesla Car Insurance

Because Tesla understands how to fix their own cars, and fully understands their accident-avoidance capabilities…so they’ll insure it FOR YOU, for a fraction of the price. 

Fourth: Ample Storage

It’s got a front trunk which is big enough for a small suitcase or a few bags of groceries. And then you have a massive back trunk…which turns into an even more massive trunk when you put down the back seats.

Fifth: The Tesla App

In here, you can set the car to begin heating before you even arrive…The app also allows you to lock or unlock your car remotely, anywhere in the world…Not to mention, for people like me who lose their car really, really easily because they forget where it’s parked…well, the app literally tells you where your car is located, and it’ll map you to its precise location. 

Sixth: The center screen also turns into a TV in the event you want to watch YouTube, Netflix, or Hulu…

And when it comes down to it, driving and owning a Tesla is very much an “experience,” Once you get it, it’s hard to look at cars the same way, ever again.

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