For many of you who follow Tesla and the EV space, it probably comes as no surprise that the Silicon Valley automaker's vehicles undergo free over-the-air software updates. However, like us at InsideEVs, you may be shocked that the Model 3 has seen a whopping 124 updates in just two years.

Cars from traditional automakers get updated for each new model year. However, in many cases, there are few major changes unless the car is due for a refresh or complete redesign. To be fair, OEMs do have the ability to do software updates on their vehicles, but it typically requires an appointment and service shop visit. In addition, it's usually only carried out to solve a problem.

Even though traditional automakers do update their cars each year, this doesn't mean the customer can take advantage of those updates, unless they trade in their old car, take a loss, and buy the updated model every year.

When you buy a Tesla, you get the updates on a recurring basis so that you don't have to buy a newly updated vehicle. The above video by our friend Tesla Raj takes us through the numerous updates to the Model 3. It's neat to watch since Raj collaborated with a long list of Tesla owners/influencers to help present the information.

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Video Description via Tesla Raj on YouTube:

All 124 OTA Enhancements for your Tesla Model 3

A lot has been changed and added to the Tesla Model 3 since its launch. Some things you may not have known were not included with the car from the beginning. With the help of some of your favorite Tesla YouTubers we go through every feature that has been added to the Tesla Model 3 since its launch late 2017 to late 2019. All YouTuber Channels linked below!

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