Tesla Model 3 owner Michael Hughes happened upon a Tesla Model Y while Supercharging. He got the rare opportunity to check out the upcoming Tesla all-electric crossover twice over the past few days.

During his time with the Model Y, Hughes learned that the SUV will be making its way onto Jay Leno's Garage soon. He also got to sit inside the Model Y, not only in the front seats but also in back.

Hughes first spotted the Model Y in a parking lot in San Luis Obispo, California. As you can see from the photos, it looks blue or gray, but commenters believe it's actually Tesla's Midnight Silver Metallic color. Perhaps the car on the second day was different from the first?


At any rate, just a day later, Hughes saw the Model Y Supercharging next to a Model X. He was fortunate to talk to the Tesla employee who was driving the car. Moreover, he got a chance to get inside the Model Y, though he wasn't allowed to take photos of the interior.

As he sat in the front seats and the second row, he was impressed with the car's size and layout. Sadly, the Model Y didn't have the available third row, which is arguably what many people have been waiting to see.

We can only hope Tesla will show us a Model Y with a third row soon enough. As the car is reportedly coming to market very soon, this is a missing detail that's extremely important to some.

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