After reading our article, the author of the video, Joni from Finland, made a new video (posted below) to tell us the car actually won all four races. He explained that his goal was to see which vehicle could hit 100 km/h (62 mph) first and that after reaching that speed, he always let off the accelerator pedal and that was the reason the bike appeared to roar past every time.

Ever since powerful and fast accelerating electric cars burst onto the scene, we’ve become used to them winning drag races against internal combustion-engined vehicles. However, the unbeatable power to weight ratio of high performance motorbikes is still too much for most EVs to handle, as was demonstrated in this video shot in Finland.

It shows several drag races between an all-wheel drive Tesla Model 3 Performance with nearly 500 horsepower and a Suzuki GSX-R 1000. The latter is estimated to have around 170 horsepower (according to the video uploader), but that is clearly more than enough for it to leave the Tesla trailing behind.

The bike does bog down when starting off the line, but as it gains traction, it starts building speed at a rate that the Model 3 just can’t match. And this is the pattern for all the runs shown in the video - the grippy, all-wheel drive Tesla takes the start, but then the bike comes screaming past.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance has a claimed naught to 60 mph sprint time of 3.2 seconds (or naught to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds) and this really puts how fast the bike is in perspective. We can’t exactly make out which model year of GSX-R is shown in the video, but it looks like a fairly recent one and they are quoted as being able to hit sixty from standstill in under 3 seconds.

In order to keep up with a bike with this kind of performance, you would need something like the Tesla Model S Performance, although the bike’s superior power to weight ratio will probably see it sail past at some point after they set off.

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